“I have to give a special thanks to Helios Electric that I brought onboard as without their help and also quickness in reviewing the GE drawings, realizing their errors, working up a complete main-tie-main scheme quickly with the info provided, and getting us something that we could work with; timely completion could not have happened. With their meticulous direction on site we were confident that the job could get done.”

Electrical Contractor
Fannie Mae Facilities. Herndon, VA

“I truly value the team at Helios Electric and the great impression they’ve made with many of our clients. They understand that the design process is organic and they patiently offer their expertise during the early stages of design. They listen carefully to client needs and explain things in layman terms. I also like working with a smaller firm and having access to the principal.”

 System Integrator
Shady Grove Hospital. Rockville, MD

“Helios Electric has been a great resource for our business.  Their knowledge in switchgear protection and control far surpasses several engineers we have worked with in the past. They do not over-engineer but provide the absolute best solution for our customer’s application.   This has resulted in cost savings and increased functionality for our clients.”

– Manufacturer’s Representative
SABEY Data Center. Ashburn, VA

“Helios Electric has come up with an excellent technical alternative approach for this complex electrical system and I’m confident that we can find a way to get the original design issues resolved.”

– Consulting Engineer
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)